Broad Spectrum Oil (CBD Distillate 75%+)


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Our propriety, organic, hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, is phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil that contains all naturally occuring synergistic cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds. Our unique genetics provide the greatest diversity of rare cannabinoids and terpenes of any hemp CBD oil extract in the world.

The end product is an organic hemp oil that is pesticide-free, solvent-free, and free of heavy metals. All orders are batch tested, coded, and 3rd party lab tested.

Please note: *5g & 10g are packaged in syringes for ease of use. 25g and above are packaged in glass jars.*

Please call for orders above 1000g

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5g – $225 ($45/g), 10g – $350 ($35/g), 25g – $750 ($30/g), 50g – $1400 ($28/g), 100g – $2500 ($25/g), 250g – $5000 ($20/g), 500g – $8000 ($16/g), 1000g – $14000 ($14/g)