Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (CBD Distillate 75%+)


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Broad spectrum CBD oil Canada (with CBD distillate of 75%+) is perfect for people who want the benefits of CBD without the effects of THC. Our propriety, organic, hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, is phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil that contains naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds.

The unique genetics in our plants provide the greatest diversity of rare cannabinoids and terpenes of any hemp CBD oil extract in the world. These all work together to provide the best effects for treating your ailments.

We have a wide selection of wholesale options available from 5g all the way up to 1000g. All are perfect for a wide variety of daily uses.

Note: *5g & 10g are packaged in syringes for ease of use. Packages with 25g and above are packaged in glass jars.*

Please call for orders above 1000g

Effectivity and Third-Party Test Results:

Every day we work hard to provide products to offer solutions for daily living. Each of our CBD products use only top-quality ingredients that are third-party tested. We’re proud to say our years of experience in creating excellent products (like our broad-spectrum CBD oil) have helped many of our customers with their daily needs.

Meticulously crafted and backed by science, our industry-leading products are designed to provide the maximum bioavailability to the body. The end broad spectrum CBD oil product you receive from us is organic hemp oil that is pesticide-free, solvent-free, and free of heavy metals.

All orders are batch tested, coded, and third-party lab tested for safety and purity.

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Customer-Reported Effects:

Broad spectrum CBD oil Canada is a popular choice for our customers since it provides what’s known as the “entourage effect.” Essentially, this effect (normally found in full spectrum CBD) produces a whole host of therapeutic properties for the consumer because all the main cannabinoids extracted from the plant all interact and magnify beneficial properties.

With broad spectrum CBD the effect is even better because it doesn’t contain any THC, so you won’t get a high from consuming broad-spectrum CBD.

Anecdotally, customers have reported the following effects:

Reduced anxiety

Reduced stress

No THC-effects

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5g – $175 ($35/g), 10g – $260 ($26/g), 25g – $575 ($23/g), 50g – $950 ($19/g), 100g – $1600 ($16/g), 250g – $3000 ($12/g), 500g – $5000 ($10/g), 1000g – $9000 ($9/g)