Full Spectrum CBD Crude Oil 50%+


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Our Canadian organically grown, ethanol extracted hemp crude is a natural choice for the customer who is looking for a true Full Spectrum hemp extract. This product has been commonly referred to as “Phoenix Tears” but unlike Phoenix Tears this extract has been winterized (fat removed) and decarboxylated (cannabinoids activated) and is ready to be consumed orally as is or could be blended into a variety of end-user products.

The Full Spectrum analytics of this product include multiple cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, THC as well as full plant terpenes and a host of beneficials.

This product is meant to be taken orally or blended into end user formulations and unlike our CBD distillate and CBD isolate it should not be used to vape. All orders are batch tested, coded, and 3rd party lab tested.

Please note: *5g & 10g are packaged in syringes for ease of use. 25g and above are packaged in glass jars.*

Please call for orders above 1000g

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5g – $150 ($30/g), 10g – $250 ($25/g), 25g – $600 ($24/g), 50g – $1000 ($20/g), 100g – $1800 ($18/g), 250g – $3500 ($14/g), 500g – $6000 ($12/g), 1000g – $9000 ($9/g)