CBC Isolate in Canada


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CBC Isolate in Canada

Cannabichromene or CBC Isolate is one of the many minor cannabinoids in hemp plants. If you are already enjoying the effects of our other cannabinoids, we want to introduce to you to CBC Isolate Canada.  Our hemp-derived CBC isolate complements many benefits of CBD to produce the entourage effect.

You can leverage the perfection, versatility, and convenience of our CBC isolate for a variety of uses and benefits. You have the freedom in the world to create all you’ve imagined. For example from oils to salves, tinctures, and bath bombs, just let your creativity direct you. You may even choose to add CBC to your snacks, coffee, protein shakes, topicals, or meals.
And our CBC is solvent and residue-free and has been extracted from organically grown top-quality Canadian hemp plants using proprietary isolation methods. The result is an isolate that is THC-free and has a unique natural cannabinoid profile.
We have a wide selection of wholesale options available from 5g up to 1000g. All are perfect for a wide variety of daily uses.

Note: 5g & 10g are packaged in syringes for ease of use. Packages with 25g and above are packaged in glass jars.
Please call for orders above 1000g


We have a huge wealth of experience manufacturing first-class products. Our CBC isolate is one of the numerous products we provide as solutions to various health problems. All the products are made using refined high-grade ingredients, and all procedures are carried out within clean and serene environments with the appropriate devices to prevent contamination.
Our scientific processes have been carefully selected to extract only the required substances and get rid of the unwanted ones. These are also proven to guarantee optimum bioavailability in the body. After production, all batches are tested internally and by third-party labs to ascertain they are free from solvent, pesticide, and heavy metals.

Customer-Reported Effects:

Although not as famous as THC and CBD, CBC isolate is growing in popularity. This product gives you all the therapeutic benefits and eliminates the worries that stem from THC, such as psychoactive effects or drug test failure.
Instead, our CBC isolate offers more because there is no THC (not even in trace quantity), its consumption is straightforward, and it can be combined and consumed in many ways, including ingestion, inhalation, sublingually, etc.
Some of the feedback from our customers have included the following effects:
Reduced anxiety
Reduced stress
Pain relief
Lifted mood
No THC-effects
Our CBC isolate is also non-GMO and vegan-friendly. The storage of this product should be in a cool, dry place.

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5g – $300 ($60/g), 10g – $550 ($55/g), 25g – $1250 ($50/g)

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