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Cannabinol (CBN) is a phytocannabinoid that is normally only present in very small quantities in newly mature cannabis plants. Rather, CBN is more commonly found within cannabis that has been heated or dried slowly via a curing process. So we are excited to offer 99%+ CBN isolate to our customers that anecdotally provides relief from a wide variety of common ailments. 

With a multitude of wholesale sizes, you can get the perfect quantity for your needs of the best quality CBN isolate.  

Effectivity and Third-Party Results: 

Meticulously crafted and backed by science, our industry leading CBD products are designed to provide maximum bioavailability to the body and are always third-party labtested to ensure purity and safety.  

Our partnership with dedicated farmers and extraction specialists allows us to oversee and achieve our high control standards from start to finish so you can feel confident and trust in the products you choose. 

We’re proud to say that all our products, including our selection of wholesale CBN isolate, are reliable, safe, and effective.  

Every one of the products we offer are third-party tested to guarantee your safety and ensure they match our rigorous standards for the highest quality products. During our testing, each batch is examined for potency and purity to provide the best possible effects. 

This product is produced from organic industrial hemp and is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents so you can trust the quality of product. 

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Customer-Reported Effects: 

Although this cannabinoid is in its infancy and more handon research needs to be done, CBN has helped many of our customers with the following: 

  • Analgesic (relieves pain) 
  • Anti-insomnia (aids sleep) 
  • Anti-convulsive (reduces seizures) 
  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) 
  • Antidepressant (raises mood) 
  • Appetite stimulant (increases appetite) 

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5g – $300 ($60/g), 10g – $550 ($55/g), 25g – $1250 ($50/g)