CBD Therapeutic Balm

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Our CBD Therapeutic Balm sets the gold standard for topical salves using top-quality CBD isolate made in CanadaOur CBD therapeutic rub is the number one answer for those seeking relief from muscle soreness and arthritisrelated pain.  

CBD Pain-Relief Therapeutic Balm is made with rich, Pacific Ocean nano-particulate minerals bound together with pure 99%+ CBD isolate. This formula has been tested as a quick response to pain and soreness with our winning combination of ingredients. 

The CBD isolate in our formula has helped many people relax and sleep better. Keep it in your exercise bag for quick alleviation during post-exercise recovery! 


Our potent topical formula contains 99%+ CBD isolate and natural Pacific Ocean nano-particulate minerals. A combination of Organic ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, and Hemp seed Oil. Put together in our balm they provide a way many people have mentioned quickly relieve their post-workout pain. Our natural ingredients, including CBD isolate from Canada, help produce a winning combination that has anecdotally quickly targeted and relieved pain in the body. 


We always strive to provide products that contain the best ingredients to form solutions to daily living. Our years of experience in creating quality products have helped many customers through our line of our products, especially those containing CBD isolate from Canada. We create all our products with natural ingredients in mind, after all nature has provided us with ingredients for an amazing product. Everyone who has used our CBD Therapeutic Balm has ended up loving it and coming back for more.  

Customer-Reported Effects: 

Reduced inflammation, joint pain, arthritis-related pain, improved sleep. 


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