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CBDa Product Description

Premium Organic CBDa Isolate or cannabidiolic acid is another of the numerous cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. It is the acidic precursor of the more well-known CBD, making it a more complete cannabinoid as far as the hemp spectrum is concerned.
Cannabidiolic acid, an abundant cannabinoid in hemp plants, is produced from CBGa before it converts to CBD in the presence of heat. However, CBDa acts differently from CBD and many other cannabinoids. Most of them bind directly to cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 (CB1 and CB2).
Instead of binding to these receptors, CBD inhibits an enzyme known as cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). This enzyme is responsible for causing inflammation, and hence, by blocking its action, CBDa can act as an anti-inflammatory.
Premium Organic CBDa Isolate is also proven to boost immunity against illnesses, including COVID. In addition, it is easy to use for the formulation of a wide range of products, including tinctures, balms, lotions, creams, gummies, capsules, and bath bombs. This is made possible by its aroma, flavor, and consistency.

Effectivity and Third-Party Test Results

CBD Direct Online is at the forefront of producing high-quality CBD and CBD-related products for our ever-growing community of customers. We invest meticulous research and proven science into each product during development, formulation, and production.
Then, we source for only premium natural hemp plants to preserve the natural flavor and efficiency. Our products are free of additives and are instead preserved using widely accepted extraction processes.
The result is a high-quality CBDa extract you can rely on for all your formulations. Our CBDa is 100% natural, vegan friendly, and free from gluten, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and sugar.
We formulate our products to eliminate psychoactive THC. It is also produced for optimum efficacy and absorption. All batches of production are third-party lab tested for purity and safety.

Customer-Reported Effects

Studies have been carried out, and many others are still ongoing to confirm the effects of CBDa on humans. So far, there’s been so much promise surrounding its effects on inflammation, depression, and the production of serotonin. These are similar to reported effects from customers that include the following:

  • Analgesic (relief from pain)
  • Anti-inflammatory (gets rid of inflammation)
  • Anti-depressant (enhances your mood and emotions)
  • Anti-insomnia (helps you sleep better)
  • Appetite stimulant (improves appetite and digestion)
  • Antiemetic (fights off nausea and vomiting)
  • Anti-epileptic (treat epilepsy)
  • No THC effects

Store CBDa at room temperature and always keep the lid tightly sealed. Do not expose to heat, moisture, or light.

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