Deep Sleep CBD and CBN Tincture Canada

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There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. If you’ve had trouble getting that rest after your daily routine or struggling to stay asleep as much as you need, it’s time to do something about it. So this is why we created our Deep Sleep CBD + CBN Tincture.

The contributing factors to a lack of sleep may include stress, poor sleeping or eating habits, certain conditions, etc. While the consequences are dire, fixing the situation now means you get an active, productive day afterward.

This is why we have formulated a solution that combines the healing and relaxing power of CBD and CBN with other natural ingredients for maximum health benefits. Our Deep Sleep CBD and CBN tincture combats the causes of sleeplessness to give you immediate relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Produced to help you leverage the entourage effect to the fullest. The Deep Sleep Potion Tincture uses phyto-cannabinoid rich (PCR) oil as a base, plus we add natural relaxing hemp terpenes. Combined with organic mint extract to give you a deep restorative sleep.

Despite being potent, the early stages of the effects feel subtle and natural, channeling your mind through a state of soothing slumber until you get to dreamland. The next day, you feel active without any sign of grogginess, since Deep Sleep CBD Tinctures is designed to last for the duration of sleep.



We are dedicated to a mission of manufacturing high-quality CBD products supported by scientific research for a wide range of people’s needs. Our Sleep Potion is one of such products, and this full spectrum CBD and  CBN, natural flavours combination promote tranquil restfulness.

Deep Sleep Potion – Relaxing Tincture is formulated from premium ingredients that are rid of all forms of impurities, including solvents, herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. The production process follows only the industry-accepted procedures in a clean environment.

All production batches are tested internally and by third-party labs to assure you of the maximum quality.


Customer-Reported Effects:

This tincture is highly potent and is recommended to start with around one-half of the dropper, equivalent to 16mg of standard-dose CBD & CBN, for restful sleep. Squeeze the dropper and release it to pick up a sufficient size and then drop under your tongue and hold. This gives you the quickest absorption, and the formula sets you to sleep in 30 – 60 minutes. 

Customers have reported the following effects after use:

  • Reduced stress and a relaxed, restful sleep
  • Relief from pain and inflammation
  • Anxiety relief and lifted mood
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • No THC effects

Our Deep Sleep Potion is non-GMO and vegan friendly. The storage of this product should be in a cool, dry place.


Product Features

  • 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Phyto-Cannabinoid rich Oil
  • 1000mg CBN Isolate
  • Natural Relaxing Hemp Terpenes 
  • Organic Mint Extract
  • Fast absorption
  • Blended in organic MCT oil


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