CBD Isolate Tinctures Canada

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CBD Isolate Tinctures Canada:

Completely THC-free, our CBD Isolate Tinctures Canada are widely enjoyed by many people. Every one of our products are crafted in Canada and with the highest quality CBD. You can expect our 1000mg CBD tinctures, along with our 500mg, 750mg, and 2500mg to be made organically, non-GMO, containing no heavy metals or the use of pesticides. 

Consume your CBD in a way that works best for you. Choose your favourite CBD Isolate tinctures, from our 2 blending options, Nanonized or Original blended. Both offer their own benefits to provide you with the best results for treating your ailments effectively. 

Nanonized Isolate Tinctures: 

These tinctures are systematically designed and produced with a singular purpose: to offer our consumers the most bioavailable, sublingual-delivered, nanonized CBD oil on the market. 

We use highfrequency technology that allows us to focus sound waves with pinpoint accuracy to disrupt the natural structure of the cannabinoids. This in turn makes them nanoparticlesized. 

Doing this, we sonicate the CBD molecules to measure under 100 nanometers. This makes the CBD from our CBD isolate tinctures quickly and easily absorbed by the body. Achieving maximum bioavailability. Anecdotally, this has provided instant relief of symptoms within seconds of consumption. 

Original Blended Isolate Tinctures: 

Our foundation point for CBD tinctures, our original blended isolate tinctures are created from pure, organically grown Canadian hemp. This extract is the purest and highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) and is combined with organic MCT oil for ease of delivery to the body. 

How to Ingest: 

CBD tinctures are best absorbed when placed under your tongue – sublingually. However, you can also consume it by adding it into your beverage of choice or on top of food. It’s that easy and simple to take everyday!

Effectivity and Third-Party Test Results: 

Meticulously crafted, our industry-leading CBD products are designed to provide maximum bioavailability to the body and are always thirdparty lab tested to ensure purity and safety. Our partnership with dedicated farmers and extraction specialists allows us to oversee and achieve our high control standards from start to finish. We do this so you can feel confident in the products you choose from CBD Direct Online. 

We’re proud to say all our products, including our selection of CBD isolate tinctures Canada, are reliable, safe, and effective. Every one of the CBD products we offer are third-party tested to ensure they are the highest quality. 

Customer-Reported Effects: 
  • Our satisfied customers have touted the benefits of our CBD isolate tinctures which include the following: 
  • Pain relief 
  • Relief from inflammation  
  • Reducing levels of anxiety 
  • Improving ease of sleep and sleep quality 

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