CBD and CBG Tincture Canada

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We’ve meticulously crafted an organic full spectrum CBD and CBG tincture Canada to maximize bioavailability for our Canadian customers. CBG is renowned for its potential to combat inflammation, pain, and nausea, and there’s evidence suggesting it may even slow the growth of cancer cells. Our custom blend, featuring 1000mg CBD and 800mg CBG, ensures you’ll harness the benefits of both cannabinoids.

To further enhance absorption, we’ve blended this tincture with MCT oil. You can choose from our two classic blending options: nanonized or original blended. Each offers unique benefits to deliver fast-acting results.

Nanonized CBD and CBG Full Spectrum Tinctures:

These tinctures are meticulously designed to offer the most bioavailable, sublingual-delivered, nanonized CBD and CBG oil possible. Using advanced high-frequency technology, we precisely disrupt the natural structure of cannabinoids, reducing them to nano-particle size. Blending it in MCT oil which enables rapid absorption by the body, providing maximal bioavailability and potentially offering instant relief within seconds of consumption.

Original Blended CBD and CBG Full Spectrum Tinctures:

Our original blended tinctures are crafted from organically grown Canadian hemp, rich in pure and high-quality CBD. Combined with organic MCT carrier oil, this extract offers quick and effective relief.

How to Ingest:

Our CBD and CBG tincture Canada is best absorbed sublingually, but you can also add it to your beverage or incorporate it into your food.

Effectiveness and Third-Party Testing:

Backed by science and third-party lab tested for purity and safety, our industry-leading products ensure maximum bioavailability. The blend of CBG and CBD in our tinctures delivers the best of both cannabinoids, providing relief for various ailments. Many customers have praised our blend for its anxiety-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

Customer-Reported Effects:

Our satisfied customers have reported a range of benefits from our CBD and CBG full spectrum tinctures, including reduced anxiety, pain relief, improved sleep, and reduced inflammation. Looking to add CBD and CBG to your routine with a convenient softgel? We have what you need right here. 


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