CBD and CBG Tincture Canada

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To provide maximal bioavailability we crafted an organic full spectrum CBD and CBG tincture Canada. CBG is anecdotally known for its ability to fight inflammation, pain, and nausea. It has even been known to slow the proliferation of cancer cells. Through our 1000mg CBD and 800mg CBG tincture, you can reap all the benefits of CBD plus the benefits of CBG. 

This tincture is specially blended with MCT oil. Choose from our 2 classic blending options: nanonized or original blended. Each offers their own benefits to provide you with the best possible fast-acting results. 

Nanonized CBD and CBG Full Spectrum Tinctures: 

These tinctures are systematically designed and produced with a singular purpose: to offer our consumers the most bioavailable, sublingual-delivered, nanonized CBD and CBG oil possible. 

We use highfrequency technology that allows us to focus sound waves with pinpoint accuracy to disrupt the natural structure of the cannabinoidsthus making them nanoparticlesized. 

Doing this, we sonicate the CBD molecules to measure under 100 nanometers. This allows the CBD from our CBD and CBG tinctures Canada to be quickly absorbed by the bodyachieving maximal bioavailability.  

Anecdotally, this has provided instant relief of symptoms within seconds of consumption. 

Original Blended CBD and CBG Full Spectrum Tinctures: 

Our original blended CBD and CBG full spectrum tinctures are created from ultra-pure, organically grown Canadian hemp. This extract is abundant in the purest and highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) and is combined with organic carrier oils for ease of delivery to the body. 

Relieve what’s ailing you quickly and effectively with our original blend. 

How to Ingest: 

The CBG and CBD tincture Canada is best absorbed when placing under your tongue. However, you can also consume it by adding it into your beverage of choice or adding it as a sort of “dressing” to your food. 

Effectivity and Third-Party Testing: 

Meticulously crafted and backed by science, our industry leading products are designed to provide maximum bioavailability to the body and are always third-party lab tested to ensure purity and safety.   

Our blend of CBG and CBD in our tinctures produce the best of both cannabinoids. Many of our customers have raved about how much they love the blend and how it has helped them in their daily lives. For instance the CBD anecdotally provided them with anxiety relief while the CBG worked to reduce their inflammation among other ailments. 

We always strive to provide products that contain the best ingredients to blend solutions for daily living. And we’re proud to say our years of experience in creating quality products have helped many customers through our line of CBD Direct Online products.  

Customer-Reported Effects: 

For Instance, our satisfied customers have touted the benefits of our CBD and CBG full spectrum tinctures which include the following: 

  • Reducing anxiety 
  • Analgesic (relieves pain) 
  • Anti-bacterial (can kill bacteria) 
  • Anti-insomnia (aids sleep) 
  • Anti-convulsive (reduces seizures) 
  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) 
  • Appetite stimulant (increases appetite) 

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