CBD Softgel 35mg CBD 15mg CBG

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As you go about your daily activities, you need to maintain a clear mind and stay focused. Athletes and anyone whose daily routine involves strenuous tasks need a continuous supply of energy and an effective pain management technique.

The CBD Softgel with 35mg CBD 15mg CBG is a new formulation resulting from further studies on CBD and related compounds. Studies have shown that CBD is highly effective for pain management and increased energy levels through maintaining the sleep-wake cycle and enhancing dopamine levels in the brain.

Meanwhile, CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is a source of many beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD. In this combination of CBD and CBG, you have a synergistic blend that is great for pain management, energy restoration, and a clear mind. This formulation mirrors your body’s endocannabinoid system and relieves pain without psychoactive effects.

We have blended the ingredients with MCT oil and encapsulated them all in gelatine capsules to dispense the maximum health benefits from the product. This product is fast-acting and contains no artificial chemicals or harmful substances.


Our CBD Softgel 35mg CBD 15mg CBG is a high-quality CBD product resulting from widely-accepted industry procedures. Through our dedication to superior quality, this product, like all other formulations, is supported by modern scientific research and studies.

Right from hemp plants cultivation to harvesting and extraction, our processes represent the highest standards for 100% pure high-grade products. Extracted from the finest CBD-rich ingredients, the CBD content used for CBD Softgel provides maximum bioavailability.

When there is a need to improve the effects, our CBD products are combined with natural ingredients, flavours, and essential oils. All these happen under 24 hour supervision within a clean and serene environment. Our manufacturing process is based on best industry standards, and we continue to employ the newest technologies.

The CBD Softgel 35mg CBD 15mg CBG is free from impurities, such as pesticides, solvents, herbicides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals. All batches are also tested multiple times during and after production by internal and third-party labs.

Customer-Reported Effects:

Our CBD Softgel with 35mg CBD & 15mg CBG helps you recover from pains and boosts your energy. CBD capsules product may not be as fast-acting as other forms of CBD. Therefore, it is advisable to begin usage with only one capsule a day, while paying attention to the effects. If you use two doses per day, use them in the morning and evening to ensure spacing in-between.

Customers who have utilized this product report the following effects:

  • Fast action and long-lasting
  • Pain management
  • Mind clearing
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Post-workout recovery
  • Reduced stress and relaxed, restful sleep
  • Non-psychoactive

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