There are a lot of ailments that exist that while not life-threatening, still make life more difficult. One of those ailments is irritable bowel syndrome, commonly referred to as IBS. While it’s a somewhat syndrome – as roughly 3% to 20% of North Americans suffer from IBS – little research has been done to help treat it effectively. One of the most promising substances is using CBD for IBS treatment though.

IBS itself is classified as a syndrome, not a disease, because it has a set of symptoms that can’t be linked to a particular cause. Symptoms often involve bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, and changes in bowel movements (constipation or diarrhea, which can be severe). None of which are fun to deal with.

We explore 3 CBD products that may help treat this ailment.

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CBD for IBS: Using CBD Isolate Tinctures

CBD isolate tinctures are anecdotally one of the most popular THC-free ways to use CBD to treat IBS.

Our CBD isolate tinctures come in 2 varieties:

  • Nanonized Isolate Tinctures
  • Original Blended Isolate Tinctures

Nanonized CBD isolate tinctures are made using use high–frequency technology that allows us to focus sound waves with pinpoint accuracy to disrupt the natural structure of the cannabinoids—thus making them nano-particle-sized. Doing this, we sonicate the CBD molecules to measure under 100 nanometers. This helps achieve the best possible bioavailability.

Our original blended isolate tinctures on the other hand, are created from ultra-pure, organically grown Canadian hemp. This extract is abundant in the purest and highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) and is combined with organic carrier oils for improved bioavailability.

CBD isolate tinctures are best consumed when placing them under your tongue. However, you can also add them into your drink of choice or on top of food for a tastier alternative.

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CBD Gummies

CBD gummies can also be a more discrete way of treating IBS. Because they’re small and easy to carry with you CBD gummies can easily be taken with you so they’re ready when you need them throughout the day.

Ours are made without the use of high fructose corn syrup or other harmful ingredients. Each of our CBD gummies are formulated using our organic CBD isolate, fresh Okanagan honey and all–natural fruit juices.

CBD Isolate

Finally, one final method to treat IBS is CBD isolate. Anecdotally, it has offered fast-acting relief of IBS symptoms.

CBD isolate offers the best bioavailability when used as the following:

  • Food additive
  • Drink additive (not water-soluble)
  • Vaping additive

While IBS can be a frustrating syndrome to deal with, the research and results from using CBD show encouraging results to its success as a viable treatment option.



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