While anxiety was originally a way to keep us alive as part of our “fight or flight” response, situations where our anxiety kicks in have changed, and often not in a good way. Instead, now we are treated to bursts of anxiety when we miss text messages, are thinking later in the shower about whether the joke we said offended anyone, or overanalyzing conversations we just had after a first date. Thankfully, Cannabidiol (CBD) for anxiety has been a common and effective way people have anecdotally had success with.

Below, we detail 3 CBD products that have helped many of our customers.

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CBD for Anxiety: CBD Isolate Tinctures

One of the key benefits of CBD is that it’s THC-free—you won’t get a high from it. In the case of our products, our CBD isolate tinctures also come in 2 forms to get anxiety relief from:

  • Nanonized isolate tinctures
  • Original blended isolate tinctures

Each has its own benefits. Nanoized isolate tinctures are made using sound waves with pinpoint accuracy to disrupt the natural structure of the cannabinoids. This makes the CBD molecules smaller and provides much higher bioavailability. In some cases, the effect of CBD has been mentioned anecdotally to be almost instantaneous.

Original blended isolate tinctures are crafted focusing on the purity of the CBD extract itself to provide the highest quality CBD possible.

Both are best ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue, but placing it on food or in non-alcoholic drinks is also effective.

Using CBD Gummies to Treat Anxiety

One of the most common forms of CBD is its use in gummies. One of the most discrete ways of taking CBD, gummies offer a more flavourful experience in consuming CBD.

CBD gummies, in particular, are a great way of taking CBD in public because they are small and easy to take when you need CBD to treat your anxiety.

CBD Isolate Powder for Anxiety

Finally, CBD isolate powder is also an effective form to treat anxiety. Tasteless and odourless, CBD isolate powder can easily be consumed by placing it under the tongue or mixing it into cooking oils.

CBD comes in many forms, so while one form may not be as effective for some people, it can be much better for others. Choose the way that works best for you.



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