Cannabidiol (CBD) is still being researched, but one of the most promising conditions it may be used to treat is ADHD a.k.a. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Using CBD for ADHD is still very new, and while it hasn’t been found to be a “cure” of any kind for ADHD, it has been found to potentially relieve ADHD symptoms.

ADHD itself is a mental health disorder that can cause high levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviours like having trouble focusing or concentrating on tasks. Other symptoms include being forgetful about completing tasks, being easily distracted, having difficulty sitting still, and interrupting people while they’re talking.

While ADHD often affects children the most, adults can still suffer from it. Below are 3 products that may help with ADHD symptoms.

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CBD for ADHD: Using CBD Isolate Tinctures

One of the most popular forms of CBD that’s anecdotally been helpful for many of our customers for a variety of ailments, CBD isolate tinctures may also help with ADHD.

Our varieties come in two forms: nanonized isolate tinctures and original-blended isolate tinctures.

Our nanonized ones are made by using use high–frequency technology that allows us to focus sound waves with pinpoint accuracy to disrupt the natural structure of the cannabinoid. Doing so makes them nano-sized (thus the name).

These tinctures work best when they are consumed by placing them under your tongue. However, you can also add them to your drink of choice or put them on top of your food.

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Use CBD Gummies for ADHD

If you’re suffering from ADHD symptoms, consuming CBD isolate tinctures can be somewhat obvious and not always ideal when you want to be discrete. CBD gummies are therefore a better choice for taking CBD discretely so you can still relieve what’s ailing you quickly and publicly.

Each of our CBD gummies are formulated using our organic CBD isolate, fresh Okanagan honey, and all–natural fruit juices.

CBD Isolate

Another product that may help treat ADHD symptoms is CBD isolate. It can act quickly to provide high bioavailability when used as a food additive, drink additive, or vaping additive.

ADHD can be a frustrating disorder since it’s currently unclear what causes it in the first place. While research is promising for treating adults diagnosed ADHD with CBD, more research is still needed to find out if it’s safe for children to consume and in what form to consume it.



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