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Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil Canada 2022

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its close cousin THC, CBD does not cause any sort of high or psychoactive effect, making it the ideal supplement for patients who are looking to use cannabis but don’t want to get high from it. CBD Oil Canada has been used to effectively treat everything from chronic pain to insomnia and anxiety, and despite being one of the most studied natural remedies available today, many people still know very little about it. We have written a Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil Canada 2022.


Why use CBD?

CBD Oil Canada is one of the many compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Known for its variety of health benefits, it is a non-psychoactive component that offers pain relief and has anti-inflammatory effects. THC is psychoactive, but CBD is not. It simply means that you are less likely to feel high or stoned after using it. 


How does it work?

CBD is derived from cannabis plants but it doesn’t contain THC. CBD can’t get you high or stoned and it has lots of benefits that may be hard to ignore. It also goes by many other names including hemp oil, CBD vape juice, CBD tincture, pure CBD oil etc.  The benefits of CBD are widely disputed in the medical world with some believing they’re little more than a placebo effect and others believe they are the answer to everything. Many people use this substance for chronic pain relief, mood disorders, insomnia, seizures and so much more.


What are the benefits?

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that are non-psychotropic. This means you won’t experience the psychoactive effects often associated with cannabis, like increased appetite or heightened senses. It can be used to help relieve a number of medical symptoms such as pain, depression, anxiety and nausea.  The hemp plant is an all-natural alternative for those looking for a supplement without side effects. 

Is there a dose? 

Because CBD affects consumers differently, it may take time to find the right dose. Beginners to CBD should try 20mg-30mg and see if there is an effect. After one week consumers can adjust their intake to a desired amount. Some users are dosing at 20mg while others are in a high dose range of 100mg-200mg per day. Finding the right dose for everyone requires time. It may take a couple months to build the concentration in your body and find the right dosage for you.


Are there side effects?

CBD has a very minimal side of effects as it is all natural. For example, studies have shown that only 6% of participants reported some form of side effect. As CBD is not psychoactive, it does not produce the same high feeling associated with marijuana which means that it does not come with a high risk for addiction or withdrawal symptoms. There are very few known risks associated with taking the supplement; in fact there are zero documented reports of overdose.


How do I take it?

The most common methods are inhalation through the lungs (exhaling the vapor), applying it topically onto the skin, sublingually under the tongue or through oral consumption of an edible or drink. To use it topically on your skin, mix a small amount of CBD oil with your favourite lotion or carrier oil before you apply it to your skin. For sublingual consumption place one dropper full under your tongue ,wait for 15 minutes for its effects to take place. Inhalation is best done using either a vape pen that contains concentrated CBD oil or by smoking hemp strains that contain a high percentage of CBD such as those that come from Charlotte’s Web or Cherry Wine. 

For oral consumption start by measuring out your desired dosage then place under your tongue for sublingual consumption or add to your beverage or food.

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